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quinceanera dressesSome people believe that getting married in a blue wedding dress is good luck, as it goes along with the old saying of, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Since the traditional wedding dress color is white, people rarely think about getting married in blue. However, if you are planning a Cinderella themed wedding, love the color blue or just think that white is not your thing, you may want to think about wearing blue. Here are some of the different places to check out if you are planning to get married in a blue wedding dress.
David's Bridal
Although they do not have very many to date, David's Bridal does carry several pale blue wedding dresses. They also carry several different wedding dresses which are accented with blue, such as ones with blue sashes. Since David's Bridal can be found in various locations throughout the country, this is probably the first place that you will want to check. For information about locations or to browse the online catalogue, visit
If you are looking for a wedding gown which is accented with blue, you may want to check out Bonny. They have several blue accented wedding dresses. Keep in mind that there are several different collections to look through at this website. There is also a line of quinceanera dresses, including ones which are blue and are able to be passed off as wedding gowns. To view the collections online or to find out more information about retailers, check out
Alfred Angelo
Another great place to check out if you would like a blue accented wedding dress is Alfred Angelo. In their Dream in Color collection, they have several different accented dresses to choose from. You can also customize them with the shade of blue that you want, whether it be a pale blue, turquoise or midnight blue. To learn more about locations or to view the collection online, check out
Bridal Online Store
At the moment, Bridal Online Store only carries blue accented wedding gowns. However, keep in mind that styles are continuously changing, so you may seem more here in the future. To visit the website and browse through the collection of wedding gowns that can be found at this website, be sure to visit Also keep in mind that there are bridesmaids dresses to choose from, which may come in the shade of blue that you are interested in.
Derame Wedding
Are you interested in a bright shade of blue, this may be the first place that you should look for a blue wedding gown. While there are only a few designs offered here, they are very beautiful. To view the blue wedding dresses available or to find out more, visit Keep in mind that this is a distributor, so you may want to read a little more about their minimum order requirements before making a purchase.
Check Out eBay
During any given time, there are a variety of blue wedding gowns to choose from at However, many people do not feel comfortable shopping at online auction sites for wedding gowns. If this is something that you are thinking about, be sure to check user reviews and ratings before purchasing the dress. Also, make sure that there is a return policy, so that you can exchange the wedding dress if it is not what you are expecting.
Have it Custom-Made
It may be a good idea to have your blue wedding dress custom-made, if you know specifically what you are looking for. Find someone who can help you figure out which materials that you want to use. Then, find pictures of wedding dresses that you like, so that the seamstress can design you something similar but in blue. Keep in mind that, depending on who you go to, this may be a somewhat more expensive option, but it will be well worth it in the end.
Browse Through Bridesmaid Dresses
You may want to think about browsing through bridesmaid dresses at any location. There are many which resemble wedding dresses and come in varying shades of blue. There is a good chance that you will be able to find a shade and dress that you like, whether you want a light, bright or dark shade of blue. Of course, keep in mind that you are going to need to find bridesmaid dresses that complement the blue bridesmaid dress that you choose to pass off as a wedding dress.
Consider Quinceanera or Prom Dresses
There are many quinceanera or prom dresses which come in blue that may resemble a wedding dress. Quinceanera dresses tend to be more elegant, while prom dresses tend to be more casual, but you never know what you may find until look. Various prom shops and department stores carry these dresses, so do not be afraid to just look around. If you find a dress which is in the shade of blue that you want to wear for your wedding, you can easily pass it off as a wedding gown.
Think About Having a White Wedding Gown Died
You may want to think about having a white wedding gown died. However, if you are planning to do this, keep in mind that you will want to find someone who has a lot of experience with it. If the wedding dress has a lot of different materials used (satin, lace, beading, etc.), there is a possibility that the wedding dress will turn out to be multiple shades. It is important to think long and hard before doing this. Be sure to ask for some sample or Quinceanera Dresses portfolio photos before choosing someone to complete this task.
Many people may be astonished when they find out that you are planning to wear a blue wedding dress and may even advise you to not to do it. It is important to remember that, ultimately, this is your day. It is important to choose the wedding gown which you love, whether it is blue or not.
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